Explore an evocative and lyrical fifty-year journey across 125 countries.


Stow away with international award-winning author Connie Spenuzza, MSEd, as she chronicles a dreamer and a pragmatist’s soulful journey around the world. Married in 1979, Connie and Peter shared wanderlust and immense curiosity, a determination to chart the course of their own lives, and the motivation to prove the naysayers and gatekeepers wrong.

Follow the Spenuzza family, armed with genealogical facts and family legends, as they begin their quixotic search for a specific ancestor, the scribe aboard the famed Pinta in 1492. Experience the ambrosial scent of melted chocolate wafting from a tiny confectionary in the Basque country of Spain and discover the magic of travel serendipity that led Spenuzza and her family on a quest across oceans and time—from the modern Wonders of the World back to those of antiquity.

Spenuzza will take you on an exhilarating fifty-year odyssey across 125 countries, where she saw her family’s youthful exuberance mature into a quest for the spiritual depths of the inner world. In this lyrical and evocative record of those travels, Spenuzza’s insightful, erudite vignettes link a Buddhist temple for unborn children in Kyoto, Japan, to the underground cisterns of Istanbul, where an elderly Sephardic Jewish grandmother dreams that her sixteenth-century house key will still open the door to her lost ancestral home in Toledo, Spain.

With the finesse of an eccentric goldsmith, Spenuzza solders her experiences with a suspicious shaman from Chichen Itza, Mexico, to the Andean Earth Mother of Machu Picchu, and links them to the engravings of the sixteenth-century German artist Albrecht Dürer. Decade after decade, follow their gold thread as it extends from Byblos of antiquity to the mosque of the booksellers in Marrakesh to the stone apsaras of Angkor Wat. Bask in the radiant glow of wanderlust serendipity that the Spenuzzas have captured in the bottle of their hearts.